CTDI Europe: Milestones in the Company's History

2020 | 20 Years of CTDI Europe

CTDI Europe will celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 1, 2020 and can proudly look back on a successful company history. Over the past 20 years, CTDI Europe's customer base has grown tremendously and numerous new services and technologies have been developed. Moreover, not only has the number of locations in many different countries grown, the number of employees at CTDI Europe has also almost quadrupled over time.

2015-2019 | The success story continues

In addition to new business areas in the communications sector, more and more locations have been added over the years: 2015 in Italy (Rome); 2016 in France (Chartres near Paris) and 2017 in Germany (Alsdorf). In 2017, CTDI Europe expanded its service portfolio through a corporate acquisition. In 2019, CTDI has more than 4,000 employees working at 21 locations in 14 European countries.

2015 | Anniversary Year

All over the world we celebrated 40 years of CTDI US and 15 years of CTDI Europe

2001-2014 | Excellent development of CTDI Europe

The history of CTDI Europe began in 2000 with two locations in Germany and one in Great Britain. Other locations were gradually added: 2003 in Hungary (Budapest); 2009 in Italy (Milan) and Spain (Madrid); 2012 in France (Strasbourg) and 2013 in Romania (Bucharest). By 2014, there were already 8 locations in seven countries with a total of over 1,500 employees. At the beginning, the company's portfolio only included the fixed network sector/wireline sector (logistics and repairs), but CTDI Europe gradually opened up new business areas and rapidly expanded its services. With the development of its own test systems for electronic devices and systems, the company also built up an outstanding core competence.

2000 | Deutsche Telekom & CTDI: Foundation of CTDI Europe

Our roots in Germany go back 50 years, when in Malsch the telecommunications supply and repair centre officially opened. In the year 2000, Deutsche Telekom decided to outsource (“spin off”) its repair centre within the framework of a joint venture with CTDI. 2000 was the foundation of CTDI Europe as a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and CTDI.

1975 | Foundation of CTDI in the Parson´s garage

40 years ago, the success story of CTDI started in the family garage of the Parsons family. It was there that Don Parsons, better known as Mr. P, together with his sons Jerry and Richard, established the first repair shop on 17 March 1975. Today, CTDI is the largest multi-vendor repair and logistics provider in the communications industry worldwide.

1965 | Opening of the repair centre in Malsch

The announcement came booming out over the huge loudspeakers in Stephanstraße in Malsch: “The Malsch telecommunications supply and repair centre is officially opened”. That was back in 1966. Sure, the employees had already started their jobs in the telecommunications supply and repair centre the year before (1965), but it was as of 01 January 1966 that the new supply centre was officially handed over. Initially, the Malsch facility employed mainly telecommunications workers and craftspeople who were in charge of procuring and supplying the entire range of telecommunications and construction equipment needed for both above-ground and underground telecommunication line construction within the authority of the Karlsruhe Regional Postal Directorate. This included, among other things, telephones, telecommunication switches, telecommunication cables, as well as any materials required for installation. The supply centre also included repair shops in charge of repairing and refurbishing the devices and materials.

CTDI - Global Engineering, Repair & Logistics

We support our customers in planning, configuring, modernizing, maintaining and de-building their technology and networks. We also take over the distribution or the after-sales service for their products.

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